2009 Silver Recipient: Juvenile (ages 9-12) – Fantasy, Myths, and Legends

Award-Winning Finalist in the Children’s Fiction category of the National Best Books 2008 Awards sponsored by USA Book News

“Whether you are a grandparent reading this book to younger children or giving it to older children to read themselves you will be hooked yourself after reading the first few pages. Your heart will be warmed by the characters and the adventure will carry you from chapter to chapter. The values demonstrated as the story progresses will be the best examples children could possibly read about. I read the book cover to cover!”
B. Howlett, Amazon.com Review

“Ruth Ann and the Green Blowster is a heart-warming story that revives the wonder of childhood.”
Armchair Interviews

“The illustrations and overall quality of the book were superb. Lovely language. A richly-imagined story and wonderful tribute. …it is touching that the book has family historical value. The invention of creatures, characters and the words used to name such things as Grumpus and the Blowster create a journey full of wonder. The dealings with death and loss and what might continue or be gifted from those losses is handled well. Overall, high marks for this one.”
Writer’s Digest Judge’s Comments
13th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

“Dear Mrs. Kathy Luders,
Hello! You once came to Barnes and Noble to do some book signing. You signed my book and told me to email you when I was done reading hte book. I am done reading the book! I thought that the book was one of the best I have ever read, and I don’t lie! You never know, it can probably become a movie one day!… Keep up the writing! Your fan, Yalda”
Yalda, Age 9

“Ruth Ann and the Green Blowster is an awesome book that takes you to an imaginary world that’s so cool! I loved reading this book with my mom and dad at night. The story was awesome and I learned a lot of new words. The pictures are great too! Mrs. Luders is lucky she got to write this book with her grandmother even though they never got to meet. I think this story is a great book for kids!”
Ethan, Age 10

“I thought it was a great story about friendship. I can really relate to Ruth Ann because I am also adventurous. I would be kind to everybody I met like Ruth Ann, and I would guard the Singing Lantern.”
Kelsie, Age 9

“Mrs. Luders has outdone herself. This is a beautifully written book. Good job!”
Amantha, Age 10

“A Story wintin a story, Ruth Ann and the Green Blowster is one of the most imaginative children’s books to surface in a long time. Ruth Ann is more than just the protagonist…
Perhaps the most poetic aspet of the book is that it centers on the death of Ruth Ann’s dog, Dukey Daddles, and his consequential visit into “High Country” (Heaven). Frances Beebe seems to be using the story to connect with her daughter and granddaughter from her own version of High Country. The simplicity of the time period is evident in the writing, with interactions between humans kept at a minimum and a rare connection to nature permeating the pages. Perhaps this is what allows Beebe’s creativity to flow freely with truly inventive characters. It is regretful that Beebe was not a pulbished author while she lived, as she surely would have made some valuable contributions to children’s literature.”
Sabrina Williams, www.breenibooks.com

“Ruth Ann and the Green Blowster has been a magical treat for my twin grandsons and me. The story stimulates their imaginations, makes them laugh and they love being read to. This book has created a very special bond for us.”
Linda K., Grandmother

“After reading about the origins of this humble, unassuming little story, I decided to pick it up and see for myself how this personal creation straight from the heart could turn out. I’ve just finished with it, and I have to say that I’m downright blown away. … The book is a real page-turner. As I read it late at night each day, I couldn’t wait to return to it the next, until I had finished it. I can say that about very few books, and I must say, even if the co-author, Kathy Luders, was afraid this story might be too personal for the public to relate to, I think it’s amazing. The sheer personality of the whole story is precisely what makes it so much fun.”
Chris Gallagher, Amazon.com Review

“Ruth Ann and the Green Blowster took our family on a mesmerizing ride into a rich, imaginative world that kept my children enthralled and eager to turn every page. Great reading for children and adults of ALL ages!”
Leslie K. A., Mother of three